Is Unschooling Just Lazy Homeschooling?

“Isn’t unschooling just lazy parents who can’t teach and lack zeal, organization, discipline, and self control?” I’ve heard that question in various forms over and over again. Here’s my answer.

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  1. Sarah Jo says:

    Unschooling is the opposite of lazy — it takes a lot more effort to live out loud alongside a kid (or kids) than it does to sit them in front of a textbook.

  2. tereza crump aka mytreasuredcreations says:

    Unschooling is not lazy. I have been unschooling for 10 years now (my oldest is 10 y.o.) and this year I decided to use a curriculum because I need a break. I got 4 kids and they all got so many individual interests. So I am using EAsy Peasy homeschooling website in the morning and then after lunch the kids can do whatever they like. They still draw, play, use the computer and do so many other things but now at least I got their “studies” a bit more organized so I don’t have to be constantly strewing and answering questions. I just needed a break. I am enjoying this curriculum because she is not for busy work. They can finish their work in about 2 hours and they are learning so many new things and stretching in new ways. But yeah, unschooling is awesome. Definitely a style we haven’t abandoned completely.

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